LIBRARY USE. The Town of Benton has a library card refund program. Any resident may obtain a library card from one of our neighboring towns' libraries and get a refund at the Benton Town Office. A resident just needs to apply at his/her library of choice and then bring the receipt to the Benton Town Office for a refund of up to $40 - one card per family/home.

KIDS. For info on when and how kids can hunt, fish, use recreational vehicles, boat, etc. click here. The State has a kids' webpage about making emergency calls with 9-1-1; for more information click here. Fire safety is important and kids can learn at Sparky the Fire Dog's website (click here) or the U.S. Fire Administration's kids' website (click here). To view the Secretary of State's kids' page with games, click here. For other states' kids' pages, click here

BENTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOLThe phone number is 453-4240. For more information about MSAD 49, click here.

The point of contact is Mary Colson. The phone number is 453-4796.

CEMETERIES.  For cemetery information, click here.

The gazebo at the Benton Riverfront Park is available for weddings and other family-oriented gatherings. Call or visit the Town Office to reserve a date.  The Town requires a refundable deposit when making a reservation.
There's a small walking path downriver from the gazebo.
he Benton Park and Veterans Committee continues to seek veterans' names for our memorial. Any veteran who entered the service while living in Benton and served during a period of conflict is eligible to be on the Benton memorial.  For a list of veterans included on the Benton Memorial, click here.  

KENNEBEC MESSALONSKEE TRAILS. For information about the hiking trail and access to the trailin Benton (from Asher Farms Mobile Home Park and from Crummett Street), click here.

"The town annually contributes to the Police Athletic League to allow children to participate in its sports programs. The PAL program uses ball fields in area communities especially in Fairfield. Sports programs are also offered through MSAD 49 during the school year." - Town of Benton COMPREHENSIVE PLAN March 2008

BOATING. Boat launches are available on the Kennebec River (in Fairfield) and the Sebasticook River (in Benton and in Clinton). For info on when and how kids can hunt, fish, use recreational vehicles, boats, etc., click here.

HUNTER SAFETY COURSES. For information about firearms hunter safety courses, please visit the State webiste (click here).

"The Country Cousins Snowmobile Club of East Benton" and the Good Time Riders Club maintain "trails in town which connect with neighboring communities. A popular crossing is located on the Neck Road." - Town of Benton COMPREHENSIVE PLAN March 2008

For more informational links on the Benton info Alpha Index page, click here.
2016 Hunter's Safety Course
(We look forward to hosting another course during the Summer of 2017)

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POLICE.  For non-emergency law enforcement matters, contact the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office   or the Maine State Police.   

FIRE DEPARTMENT.  For any EMERGENCY, dial 9-1-1.  For non-emergency fire and rescue issues (including burn permits), call the Fairfield Fire Department at 453-2429.     

GENERAL ASSISTANCE.  Requests for General Assistance are handled during normal business hours by Melissa Patterson, General Assistance Administrator.  For after-hours requests, call the office (453-7191) and leave a message.  For after-hours emergency requests, call the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office at 1-800-498-1930.
     "Each town has a General Assistance Program to help people in emergencies. You may be eligible even if you work or receive other benefits such as: food stamps, veterans' benefits, or Social Security income. To request General Assistance, contact your town office. Your application must be accepted for review. You may be turned down for help if you do not meet the guidelines for the program. The application is private and confidential." - State DHHS website 
    GA application - click here.
    To get answers to frequently asked questions regarding General Assistance, click here.
    Information about welfare fraud - click here.      
    For downloadable forms (e.g., Food Supplement, TANF, MaineCare, etc.), click here.
    To find assisted living facilities, click here.      

BURN PERMITS.  Burn permits are handled by the Fairfield Fire Department - 453-2429.  Call after 9:00 AM. Burn permits can also be purchased on-line from the State (click here).  

FOOD PANTRY.  The Town of Benton uses the Fairfield Interfaith Food Pantry located at 23 Lawrence Ave, Fairfield (behind the Fairfield Town Office).   
The pantry is open 9:00 AM to noon the first and third Thursdays of the month. .  

WATER. The Kennebec Water District serves those areas of Benton that are on 'city water.'  Bills for water service are issued quarterly by the Kennebec Water District. Residents pay their water bills to the Kennebec Water District. For more information on water service, contact the Kennebec Water District at 872-2763.  The KWD office is at 6 Cool Street, Waterville, ME  04901.  For more information, click here.   

SEWER. The Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District serves those areas of Benton that are on 'city sewer.'  Bills for sewer service are issued quarterly by the Benton Town Office.   The minimum rate is $30.00 per quarter for up to 1,000 cubic feet per quarter (water used per your Kennebec Water District account).  Anything over 1,000 cubic feet per quarter is billed at $1.80 per 100 cubic feet.   Bills are issued by the Town on a quarterly basis and can be paid at the Town Office (1279 Clinton Ave., Benton).  You may also mail your payment to:  Town of Benton, 1279 Clinton Ave., Benton ME 04901.   For more information , contact the Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District at 873-0611.  The KSTD offices are at 401 Water Street, Waterville, ME  04901. However, all billing and payment questions regarding sewer should be directed to the Town Office at 453-7191.

POST OFFICE.   The Waterville Post Office handles mail for the Town of Benton.  Some residents prefer to have a post office box in Clinton, Fairfield or Albion.  However, home delivery in Benton is through the Waterville Post Office.  The Waterville Post Office is located at 33 College Avenue in Waterville and can be reached via phone at 873-0714. 
     How to set up a new mailbox at your residence:  the post office requires your new mailbox to be installed such that the mail carrier can drive up and drive away.  The bottom of the mailbox must
be 42 to 48 inches above the ground.  For more information, call the Waterville Post Office at 873-0714. For a new residence, the owner needs to get a street number which is handled by the Town of Benton Code Enforcement Officer, Adam Bradstreet who can be reached at 314-4126. 

.  Benton residents are permitted to use the Clinton Transfer Station which is on the Bangor Road about a mile past the downtown area of Clinton. Benton residents must show a Benton vehicle registration in order to get a tag/permit.  The Transfer Station issues the 'permit.'
The Transfer Station is open Wednesday through Saturday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  For information about recycling fees or a list of recycled materials that are accepted at the Transfer Station, visit the Town of Clinton website (click here ) and use the "Town Departments" link on the left side of the main page. Any questions, call the Transfer Station at 426-8187.  If a Benton resident or Benton land owner doesn't have a Benton vehicle registration, a one-day pass to use the Transfer Station can be obtained at the Benton Town Office during normal working hours.
     RECYCLE!  The Clinton/Benton Transfer Station recycles: newspapers; clean cardboard; magazines; mixed paper and office paper; HDPE natural milk jugs (clean, no caps); HDPE colored jugs (no caps, clean); steel cans; aluminum cans; returnables; paperboard; brown or white paper bags; and light iron.
     Spring and Fall Clean Up.
  The Town offers spring and fall clean-up days.  Residents may bring items to the Transfer Station for free that usually will cost extra during the rest of the year (e.g., tires, rims, mattresses, etc.).  we do advertise the dates for the spring clean-up in the local Morning Sentinel newspaper, and the information will be posted on this website and in the Town Office.   To learn more about recycling, click here.
     Local trash pick-up at residences in Benton.   Local pickups are done by commercial constractors who are listed in the Yellow Pages or on-line. 

FENCE VIEWERS.  Fence viewers are Sherwood Chamberlain and Patrick Turlo. The following is from "Fence Viewer." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 4 Feb 2009, 19:17 UTC. 25 May 2009:     "A Fence Viewer is a town or city official who administers fence laws by inspecting new fence and settlement of disputes arising from trespass by livestock that have escaped enclosure"
"The office of Fence Viewer is one of the oldest appointments in New England ."  
"New England farmers clearing their land during the 17th century were confronted with boulders and stones left by retreating glaciers. They cleared their fields of the boulders with horses and built stone walls along the edges of their fields, frequently at the property boundary. Many of these walls still exist."
     "A Fence Viewer was needed on those occasions when walls were eroded, moved, or modified illegally. This was a serious offense."
     In Vermont: Fence Viewers played a more active part in Vermont in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Today they are rarely used.  On occasion, the selectmen will call upon them to examine a fence line between adjoining properties to determine what portion of the fence must be made, repaired, or maintained by each party.   Fence Viewers may also be asked to determine where a fence must be placed when a fence cannot be placed squarely on a property line."   "Fence Viewers examine fences and other boundaries within the town when requested to do so by the selectmen."